hey hey hey!


Angie Passey here!
your new taco obsessed, netflix binge watcher, lover of memes and mountains, photographer and best friend! based in Salt Lake City, Utah. (temporarily based out of Washington, D.C. until end of December 2019)

I want to make sure you don’t only get a photographer but also some one who is invested in giving you the best possible experience and quality work, jokes with you helps you with your vail, refills your champagne and becomes your friend along the way.

I thrive and live for love stories, piggy backs on mountain tops, dad jokes and documenting every moment big or small.

When Im not taking photos, you can find me hiking, looking for new spots to photograph, spending time with the husbabe (pictured here), friends and fam, traveling, studying for my next test (full time psychology and nutrition student), or napping ;)